Rattan Woven Glassware Collection

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Rattan Woven Glassware Collection

Natural wraps on pitchers and matching glassware make festive pieces for indoor and outdoor drinking and dining. Great for any table top. 

Available in various shapes: Pitcher, Pitcher Carafe, Carafe, & Drinking Glasses

Approximate Size:

Pitcher: 7.5H x 5.2D; 47 Oz. 

Tall Pitcher: tbd

Carafe: 9.5H x 2.75D; 61 Oz.

Tall Glass: 6H x 3.5D; 17 Oz. 

Medium Glass: 4.3H x 3.75D; 8 Oz.

Large Salad Bowl: 8.3H x 9D

Medium Salad Bowl: 6.7H x 7.8H