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Stone House Bali

Stone House is the brainchild of owner and founder Nyoman Sukanata, designer extraordinaire Walker Zabriskie, and his free-spirited life partner Wendy Kassel. Together, their dream is to provide a truly intimate experience in their ‘soul country’. Stone House is a beautiful environment where you can live amongst the Balinese and experience their gracious culture unlike anywhere else in the world. 

The only thing more beautiful than our four highly individualized, designed villas are the tropical lush jungles, emerald green rice paddies, organic vegetable farm, and the exquisite Balinese architecture that make up our hotel, Stone House. Located 2km (10 minutes) north of Ubud’s center, it is the perfect place to relax, unplug, and explore the beautiful island of Bali. Stone House allows easy access to great dining, yoga, shopping, and sightseeing. Our amazing staff can  organize all the details, bringing you the perfect combination of relaxed luxury and inspiring adventure for your next vacation.

Our goal is to offer a private luxury experience while maintaining the authentic Balinese culture. We prefer a private guest concept, where guests have a unique opportunity to work with our staff to ensure a unique and memorable stay. Whether that be organizing private ‘at-home’ massages, day-trip excursions, or delicious dining experiences, we are here to assist you! Breakfast is always included with additional at-home dining opportunities available. Guests can relax by our jungle chic swimming pool, stroll through our organic vegetable farm, or drink, dine, and play games in out Great Room.View more at stonehousebali.com
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